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About Me

Charismatic, Passionate, and Genuine, are words used to describe CEO of Beyond your BeauTea, Mrs. Ashley Bethea. I, like many young girls today, was self-doubting, impressionable and uncertain of my true worth and value, resulting in many poor choices along the path of life. However, it was through the guidance, support and prayers of others, that I came to realize that I was created by God for a specific purpose.
Now as an adult, I feel an obligation and have committed my life to helping empower the next generation of young girls as they transition from adolescence to womanhood. It is my belief that despite the challenges that young girls face today, when they have a true understanding of their value and tap into their full potential, they can overcome any odds, and become the bright, beautiful GEMS God created them to be.
Ashley has extensive management experience of organizations ranging from small to large groups. Ashley is a strong and decisive leader with excellent oratorical, training and team building. She holds a Bachelor’s of Art in Organization Management. Ashley is genuine in her approach to delivering, effective thought-provoking, and informative messages that pertain to harnessing personal self-worth.

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